Opening in Orlando -- September 14th, 2012


10 Years -- Reviewed this week. (PG-13)

Finding Nemo 3D -- Just keep swimming, just keep milking. Pixar rereleases its Academy Award-winning 2003 hit in fully dimensional format, just to make us all feel like dicks for having thought those 2D undersea textures were already rich enough to wallow in. Shows what we knew! (G)

[youtube SPHfeNgogVs] The Inbetweeners -- Billed as “the British answer to American Pie” (which I guess makes it Shepherd’s Pie), this BBC America spinoff finds a quartet of randy recent grads on vacation in Greece. Only since they’re English, we’re not supposed to take it as a given that they’ll get laid. (R) [youtube V3HzTKbsqsY] Resident Evil: Retribution -- Yes, Milla Jovovich is still making these things, which means she’s either smarter or less ambitious than Kate Beckinsale. (Back in your cave, Death Dealer!) This time, the world is still being overrun by the zombie virus, and Jovovich’s Alice is about to discover something very unsettling about her past. OK, I’ll bite: She used to be Rhona Mitra!  -- (R) [youtube hoyMT-7wEqs]