No Babies offer a lo-fi garage sound at Will's Pub



photo by C. Lucero Photos
  • photo by C. Lucero Photos

Wednesday, Sept. 26 – No Babies

with SSLOT, Hau Zarrest

9 p.m.

Will's Pub

1042 N. Mills Ave.



Like a five-person revolution against the oppression of hyperactivity medication, Oakland, Calif.’s No Babies opt for a lo-fi garage sound that isn’t as, well, nice as the omnipresent ’60s-apeing garage bands of our time. Theirs is a near anti-harmony cacophony of punk, jazz and noise delivered as fast and furious as a bank vault towed behind a Dodge Charger. The images conjured by their recent self-titled album range from post-apocalyptic ruins (“Morlocks Take Manhattan”) to a back-alley exorcism (“Blurred or Double Vision”) to misfit toys mocking Metallica (“yrtbrtyb”). Who knew something so ugly sounding could be so beautiful? – Justin Strout