Opening in Orlando -- September 28th, 2012


Hotel Transylvania-- Reviewed this week. (PG)


Looper -- Reviewed this week. (R)

Pitch Perfect -- It seems like only yesterday we were looking for the female Hangover. Now we’ve moved on to the perpetual search for the next Bridesmaids. Enter this ensemble comedy about a mistmatched team of college a capella singers. Wait doesn’t that make it sound more like the next Glee? Or the all-female Glee? Or Glee meets Bridesmaids on a bus? Goddamn it, it can be whatever you want! Mommy needs a sleeper hit here! (PG-13)

[youtube siEHekc-1oE] Robot & Frank -- Frank Langella plays an old man who discovers the therapeutic value of being cared for by a clanking automaton. If you caught Langella’s performance in Superman Returns, you won’t be surprised to learn that he was allegedly pretty torn about which of the title roles to play.  (PG-13) [youtube qa-eildyiWM] Won’t Back Down -- Two things opened the door to the latest raft of schools-in-trouble movies: Waiting for Superman and your kid’s shitty report card. So it’s Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis and Holly Hunter to the rescue, cooking up a bold plan to save American education that only entails viciously scapegoating the teacher’s union on alternating days. ’Cause even Hollywood has to be fair and balanced, y’see. (PG) [youtube 0J5-w7a78Xg]