"This is so bizarre. Pls help me with a written explanation of my position. This is most distressful for me," and other musings from Mayor Jacobs' secret texts!



OK, so this afternoon saw the release of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs' cah-raaaazzzy text messages from the Sept. 11 shitshow at the Board of County Commissioners meeting (which we liveblogged here), and you know what? It's worse than we thought. No, there aren't any smoking guns hidden up in the bad syntax of texty-fingers – those are probably in Commissioner Jennifer Thompson's still-missing feed – but there is a strange sense that nobody sitting on the dais had any idea what it is they were up against, or just how it was they would knock it down. Even if you don't know who the players here are (they're mostly county staffers and Disney attorney Kevin Shaughnessy), it's easy to make out how utterly confused Jacobs was by the whole affair, at one point even asking why nobody had even researched the San Francisco earned sick-time initiative (answer: "Mike Thomas did but didn't have a write up. It was all in his head." IT WAS ALL IN HIS HEAD!!!! OK, enough from us. Here they are in full. Read them and weep for your county.

Mayor Jacobs Text Messages 9-11-12