Do you recognize this black chihuahua, Orlando? Help us find her owners!




This poor little thing was running scared in Audubon Park this morning around 8:45 a.m., near the intersection of Chelsea and Cardinal. A few people tried to catch her but she was too petrified to let anyone touch her. She bolted away from me when I crossed paths with her, but then I saw her running again near Ferncreek and Oregon, which is about where I was able to get her to come close and hop in my car.

She seems clean, friendly, shiny and in good shape, so I know she has a home out there somewhere. Please help us find her owners! If you recognize this dog, email Erin Sullivan at or call us here at Orlando Weekly at 407-377-0400.

Although she does make an excellent Assistant Editor Dog (see below), we want to help this little pup find her way home!