Opening in Orlando -- Friday, October 5th




Frankenweenie -- Given what kind of a job Tim Burton did turning Dark Shadows into a 113-minute feature when he had 1,000+ TV episodes’ worth of material to draw from, how slim are the odds he’s been able to wring 87 respectable minutes out of a half-hour short he made 28 years ago? On the bright side, Frankenweenie: Bigger, Longer and Uncut is likely to take a big bite out of Hotel Transylvania’s inexplicably mammoth haul. Too bad there’s no way to arrange some sort of profit-sharing with ParaNorman. (PG)

[youtube MquUxWXEOLU]

The Perks of Being a Wallflower -- Author Stephen Chbosky got to adapt and direct his 1999 YA novel about a high-school freshman learning to reconcile his past, present and future with the help of two older friends. But don’t worry: Chbosky is no stranger to the big screen, having written and directed a 1995 Sundance-award-nominated feature nobody saw and written the screenplay to, um, RENT. Yeah. (PG-13)

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