Bearing Witness ties together rap music, hip-hop dance and formal art exhibits




Saturday, Oct. 6 – Bearing Witness

7 p.m.

Museum of Florida Art

600 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand



The connection between rap music, hip-hop dance and formal art exhibits may not be one you’d immediately make. But as this performance will prove, some things are just better when mixed together. Presented by the Museum of Florida Art, Bearing Witness is a multimedia art performance inspired by the work of Miami-born visual artist Purvis Young, and features the musical stylings of DeLand rap artist Maintain in partnership with the physical talents of Orlando hip-hop dancer/choreographer DaQuan Barnes Williams of the Center for Contemporary Dance. Capturing the essence of the African-American struggle and tying it to urban art, the evening promises to be one of reflective and celebratory recognition. The duet performance is part of the museum’s “Art, Media, Performance” series and serves as a tribute to Young, whose work is featured in MOFA’s current exhibit From the Outside In, open now until Nov. 25. – Victor Ocasio