The Jealous Sound offer a mature take on emo at the Social




Monday, Oct. 8 – The Jealous Sound

with Daytrader

8 p.m.

The Social

54 N. Orange Ave.



When this SoCal band released its last EP, 2008’s Got Friends, the band had technically been broken up for three years. It looked like Got Friends might be the last that fans would hear from the Jealous Sound, which formed in 2000 from the remnants of other well-loved ’90s indie acts – Knapsack, Jawbox and Sunday’s Best. When the Jealous Sound split was made public, the Village Voice reported that the band’s frontman, Blair Shehan, who did emo before emo was even really a thing, “went crazy and more or less disappeared.” These days, though, Shehan takes issue with that version of events: “People thought I went crazy, but what’s crazy?” he asks on the band’s Facebook page. “Staying in a band at my age with no stability? Ignoring the normal parts of becoming an adult? People don’t necessarily understand what we do, and the commitment it takes to do what we do.” Now, the Jealous Sound is back in action with their first new album in nine years, A Gentle Reminder, and by all accounts, it’s a more mature variation on the emo sound the band first embraced. Want to get a feel for what emo meant before it became a fashion statement for middle-schoolers? Then go see this show. – Erin Sullivan