Andrew Bird tonight at House of Blues


photo by Cameron Wittig
  • photo by Cameron Wittig

Wednesday, Oct. 10 – Andrew Bird

with Here We Go Magic

7 p.m.

House of Blues

Downtown Disney West Side

Lake Buena Vista



Whistling somnambulist Andrew Bird cuts an unlikely shape for the hit parade – his sloping strings of baroque chamber introspection are only slightly slapped to life by a sort of David Byrne, hiccupping wryness here and there. But in the age of Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire and the dream-kitchen sink ascending playlists, Bird’s smart-folk allure is as solid as the waving trees it conjures. Bird’s latest offering, Break It Yourself, scours the murk and the whimsy of late nights in graveyards to cryptically divine a sense of absolute self – typically the lonely kind, minus that therapeutic wash. “You’ve done the impossible now, took yourself apart, made yourself invulnerable, oh, no one can break your heart,” Bird intones over a ’60s sound wall on “Eyeoneye.” “So break it yourself.” Bleakly brilliant. – Billy Manes