Bach Festival Society presents Paul Galbraith




Thursday, Oct. 11 – Bach Festival Society presents Paul Galbraith

8 p.m.

Tiedtke Concert Hall,

Rollins College

1000 Holt Ave.,

Winter Park



Scottish-born and Grammy-nominated, classical guitarist Paul Galbraith is best known for his unique style of play – he rests his guitar on an endpin, like a cello’s, atop a resonating wood box; and he’s added two strings to his guitar, giving him extra range at the high and low ends. All of this sonic tweaking lends extraordinary richness to Galbraith’s playing, but more importantly, allows him to transpose keyboard and violin works to guitar and retain detail that classical guitarists often must sacrifice to their narrower range. For this opening concert of the Bach Festival Society’s 2012-2013 Visiting Artist Series, Galbraith will perform Hindemith’s “Harp Sonata,” Bach’s “Lute Suite” and selections by Spanish composers Isaac Albeniz, Enrique Granados, Miguel Llobet and Federico Moreno Torroba. Tiedtke Concert Hall is particularly well-suited to acoustic performance (unlike some other rooms in town), so details of Galbraith’s graceful, crisp yet lush interpretation won’t be lost. – Jessica Bryce Young