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Arbitrage -- Reviewed this week. (R)


Argo --Ben Affleck’s latest directorial effort tells the true story of a daring effort to rescue some of the Americans who were being held hostage in Iran in 1979. But will modern audiences be able to relate to a time in which an opportunistic Republican candidate made a Democratic president seem weak in his handling of an international crisis? It’s almost like expecting them to remember Brave. (R)

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Atlas Shrugged Part II -- You gotta love the silly season. Last year, Atlas Shrugged Part I suffered one of the worst flameouts in cinema history, leading to a spate of recriminations and speculation that the second installment might never see the light of a projector. Yet here it is, less than a month before America Decides, with nonstop TV ads posing the pointed question “Will it influence the election?” Depends who you ask: “Yes!” says Representative Paul Ryan. “No!” says Representative Paul Ryan. Me, I’m gonna force a bunch of interns to go and see what they think. (PG-13)

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Here Comes the Boom -- Kevin James goes for ripped-from-the headlines relevance, taking on the role of a teacher who raises money for his struggling school by entering the competitive world of MMA. (That’s Mainstream Movie Asininity.) In a further nod to realism, Salma Hayek plays the school nurse. (Just one little “with,” and that last sentence woulda put us into every porn search in the world.) (PG)

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower -- Reviewed this week. (R)


Seven Psychopaths -- From his stage plays to his Oscar-winning short, Six Shooter, to his terrific feature, In Bruges, I’ve remained a huge fan of Martin McDonagh. I’m also the proud and protective owner of a Shih Tzu. This isn’t going to go well for me, is it? (R)

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