Fathom Events presents Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day



photo by Soren Starbird
  • photo by Soren Starbird


Oct. 17-18 – Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day

7:30 p.m.

various theaters

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There are some among our readers whose only idea of Led Zep is the pale imitation enacted in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous – a movie that got the scene right, got the groupies right, got everything but the music right. (Jason Lee? Gimme a break.) Led Zeppelin in their day were unbearably sexy, bristling with a (blatantly ripped-off) aura of swamp voodoo, Delta blues and Crowley-esque British occult. Not that I was around to see any of it myself, but I have seen The Song Remains the Same, the 1976 concert film that made me understand why they’re a big deal – until then, I just thought of them as the band of choice for high-school stoners. Celebration Day is a fitting bookend to Song Remains the Same, a filmed version of Led Zep’s 2007 one-night-only reunion concert at London’s O2 Arena. I’m afraid that Robert Plant’s looks no longer put a bustle in my hedgerow, but “Black Dog” is still one of the greatest rock songs of all time. The tracklist for the film (viewable at fathomevents.com) is a hit parade of their best-known songs – no deep cuts, just crowd-pleasers. It’s all happening! – Jessica Bryce Young