New Orlando Concert Announcements [BB King, Koffin Kats, Mercer & Johnson, the Civil Wars, more]


Oct. 22: Maladroit, Aerolas, Abandon the Midwest (Will's)

Oct. 30: Larry & His Flask (Will's)

Nov. 2: Mercer & Johnson (Lil Indie's)

Nov. 3: The Who (Amway)

Nov. 10: Ben Prestage (The Alley)

Nov. 10: The New Lows CD release (Will's)

Nov. 15: Jimmy Thackery (The Alley)

Nov. 16: American Aquarium (Will's)

Nov. 19: Koffin Kats (Will's)

Nov. 20: Joe Budden (Plaza)

Nov. 21: El Gran Combo (House of Blues)

Nov. 23: Oklahoma Stackhouse (WIll's)

Nov. 25: 2 Chainz (Plaza)

Nov. 30: Rise Against, Anberlin, the Attack (House of Blues)

Dec. 7: John Brown's Body (Plaza)

Dec. 31: SOJA (House of Blues)

Jan. 1: BB King (Hard Rock Live)

Jan. 5: Donna the Buffalo (Plaza)

Jan. 7: SheHeHe (Will's)

Jan. 10: The Civil Wars (House of Blues)

Jan. 24: Gaelic Storm (Plaza)

April 16: Esperanza Spalding (Plaza)