Indie-pop group Reptar tonight at The Social


Saturday, Oct. 20 – Reptar With Le Blorr, Eyes Lips Eyes 8 p.m. The Social 54 N. Orange Ave. 407-246-1419 $12-$15

Strap on your diapers kids, because it’s time to get lost in the tropical-tronic toy store once again with Reptar (sans the little Rugrats). The Athenian (as in Georgian, not Grecian) quartet hit the tour-beaten path this year in support of their newest LP Body Faucet. If you can imagine, Reptar’s latest release is somewhat like a personified American automobile commercial soundtrack partying with the sound team for Super Mario Sunshine at a carefree luau. These guys brandish a vibrant array of electronic-sample selections led by spacious indie-boy dreamboat lyricism. If you like your songs to effortlessly bounce your feet off the floor, make sure to bring your best dancin’ shoes to stomp around with these dinosaur dudes. – Jared Oates Haggard