Step into the Black this Halloween with Orlando Weekly!



On the slight chance that you were entertaining the notion that your aging friends at Orlando Weekly would even consider forgoing the chance to dust off our Martin Gore bondage-wear and squawk “It’s A LOT!” in your face, may your black feathers be duly unruffled. This year, we’re elevating our collective casket to the untoward heights of the Beacham Balcony for an early-times funbucket of brown liquor, mood music and ostentatious camaraderie. Consider it a sort of pre-game tailgate to all of the sexy-zombie leg-dragging of an Orange Avenue Halloween apocalypse, or just consider it a safe place to knock your scruples down a peg before you inevitably vomit and make out (at the same time) with an urchin in a wig. (This is a VIP invitation-only event. RSVP to the event here and make sure you LIKE Orlando Weekly on Facebook to get on the guest list). The delightful Q-Burns Abstract Message will be manning the turning tables and the hooky hands of Captain Morgan Black will be spicing the rum, so you can’t really resist. It’s a lot like life. – Billy Manes