Comedian Wanda Sykes heads to Hard Rock Live



Friday, Oct. 26 – Wanda Sykes

8 p.m.

Hard Rock Live

6050 Universal Blvd.



Maybe it is time for a Wanda Sykes renaissance? For better (occasionally acerbic stand-up, but mostly Curb Your Enthusiasm) or worse (Monster-in-Law and any of the animated detritus clogging her C.V.), the scruffy comedian with a knack for observational sidekick asides has become part of the pseudo-celebrity firmament, passing in and out of television network notoriety without much notice. Cue the life moments! In 2008, Sykes came out as a lesbian; in 2011, she survived the obligatorily publicized bout with breast cancer. It’s time for a second act! Recently, Sykes joined other mid-range LGBT “celebs” for a pro-Obama PSA (a nice follow-up to her 2008 campaign against the phrase “That’s so gay”). This year, she wrapped a new Susan Seidelman vehicle, The Hot Flashes, which will apparently grimace its way through a story of middle-aged Texas women forming a basketball team to take on some high-school brats. In other words, the new adventures of old Wanda Sykes. Don’t call it a comeback! – Billy Manes