Park Ave CDs hosts Accidental Music Fest preparty




Tuesday, Oct. 30 – Accidental Music Festival preparty

7 p.m.

Park Ave CDs

2916 Corrine Drive



Consider this evening among Park Ave’s vinyl (both the LP and art-toy varieties) the soft opening for the experimental music festival, which runs Nov. 8-11. The fine folks of Park Ave, who live to serve, will open your ears and minds with a listening party featuring tracks from artists performing at AccMusFest: from SF noise-rockers Deerhoof, dreamy Gainesvillean glitch-poppers Levek and local psych-surfers Telethon to the longer-haired/higher-browed John Cage, Manuel Ponce and Ricardo Zohn Muldoon. Plus: pizza and beer! After ears and bellies are full, the party moves to Stardust Video & Coffee for a performance by Matt Peters and David DeHoog on marimba and saxophone that promises the same high-low blend – Peters promises modern-classical selections by Akira Yuyama and David Maslanka, but he also has affection for “more aggressive” fare like Flesh Eaters and Black Flag; prepare for accidental greatness. – Jessica Bryce Young