Opening in Orlando – November 1st, 2012


Flight – At first glance, this story of an airline pilot (Denzel Washington) whose heroic acts fall under a shadow of suspicion might seem like a sad sign of the times – the manifestation of some sick shared urge to bring even Captain Sully low. But the film is actually based loosely on a true tale that took place in Canada, so that’s happy and good: It’s never a bad time to remind people of what sketchy things are going on up there in America’s Attic. In making Flight, director Robert Zemeckis has helmed his first live-action feature since Cast Away and his first R-rated one since the great Used Cars. Test flight for Toby! (R) [youtube gJL6HgiYNbc] The Man With the Iron FistsProfiled this week. (R)

Wreck-It Ralph – A few years ago, in Brooklyn, I attended a delightful theater festival at which classic video games were reinterpreted in the style of various giants of the stage. Donkey Kong became a Tennessee Williams-esque portrait of a brutish husband who works in a barrel factory and always has enough of the things lying around at home to roll them down the stairs at his landlord whenever the rent comes due. Naturally, I’m not expecting anything quite as rich from Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s own sendup of classic arcade scenarios. Yet there’s still something compelling about the conceit of a career villain like Ralph yearning to play the good guy for once. After all the rancor of the election season and the trauma of Sandy, maybe we could look in worse places for a lesson on redemption.  Just don’t get any ideas about piloting Canadian aircraft, Ralph. (PG)

[youtube 87E6N7ToCxs]