Legendary Seattle drone band Earth stop by Will's Pub




Tuesday, Nov. 6 – Earth

with Stebmo

8 p.m.

Will's Pub

1042 N. Mills Ave.




Although this fall tour will be Earth’s most extensive American tour since their 1990 emergence, this show will be the only Florida date for the legendary Seattle drone band. From their early doomy metal beginnings, their experimental deconstruction of the riff has ended up leading them to the outermost edges of rock music and beyond. There, they paint vast, usually desolate spaces with as few strokes as possible, using negative space with deep intent and loading supreme meaning onto every note. In these sonic badlands, far from civilization, Earth’s hypnotic music practically dematerializes as a human form of expression and becomes something nearer to a soundtrack to the elemental forces of nature. Reprising the cast of 2008’s The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull, this touring lineup includes founder Dylan Carlson (guitar), Steve Moore (keys and trombone), Don McGreevy (bass) and Adrienne Davies (drums). – Bao Le-Huu