Rick Jones art show opens at Stardust Video & Coffee



Rick Jones, 'Piles II', 2012 acrylic on canvas 30x24
  • Rick Jones, 'Piles II', 2012 acrylic on canvas 30x24

Thursday, Nov. 8 – Rick Jones: Arborescences

7 p.m.

through Nov. 29

Stardust Video & Coffee

1842 E. Winter Park Road




Are there deep intellectual underpinnings to Rick Jones’ latest art show? Of course there are. Jones was inspired by a series of drawings made by experimental composer Iannis Xenakis in the 1970s, which he called “arborescences”: branching forms whose contours could be interpreted as architectural or organic structures, which Xenakis translated into musical notation. In a new development, this show at Stardust comprises not just Jones’ usual linear abstract paintings (a bit more lush and less severe this time around), but also an audio-environmental installation taking over “parts of the bar, tables, ceiling and walls.” If you’re there for the scene, not the theory, make a mental note that you may have to wait a bit longer for a cocktail. – Jessica Bryce Young