More than 75 craft beers at Baldwin Brew Fest




Saturday, Nov. 10 – Baldwin Brew Fest

4-8 p.m.

Baldwin Park, at New Broad and Jake streets


As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, “In beer there is freedom.” Now fast-forward a few centuries to this weekend’s Baldwin Brew Fest, where you’ll have the chance to exercise those American freedoms – freedom to chug, freedom to act a fool while publicly intoxicated. (Well, maybe not the latter – you could kinda-sorta get arrested for that.) But with more than 100 types of craft beers from around the world, this hoppin’ event is bound to lather up beer lovers (and their taste buds), with names like Quilmes, Florida Brewing Company, Southern Tier, Leffe, Woodchuck Cider and Stella Artois. In a week marked by political saturation, we can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate the American tradition than by sipping on a cold one. – Salo Steinvortz