Black Friday Blowout with Alligator Indian tonight at Stardust Video & Coffee



photo by Skyler Bing
  • photo by Skyler Bing

Friday, Nov. 23 – Black Friday Blowout

with Alligator Indian, Michael Parallax, Telethon, Thee Wilt Chamberlain

9 p.m.

Stardust Video & Coffee

1842 E. Winter Park Road



Alligator Indian isn’t an Orlando band, but the pair behind Asheville, N.C.’s spooky-good foray into at times Kate Bush-esque pop hails from here, and it seems the Thanksgiving holiday presents a good excuse to return home with their newly packaged sound. Their music is super-layered, and while the soundscape they navigate feels otherworldly, it’s got a familiar energy that echoes some of the best features of late ’80s/early ’90s pop. They’ll be performing the newest songs off their debut album, Spring I’m In, which they released, appropriately, in the spring of this year (although the band has been around in different formations since 2008). While chaotic, the album retains a strong sense of dramatic melody with a dark sense of humor, occasionally reminiscent of the sardonic lyrics of bands like the Magnetic Fields. This Black Friday show could, at the very least, help you dance off your gravy gut. – Ashley Belanger