Recycle your nasty old cooking oil tomorrow




If you've got a tub full of grease festering under the kitchen counter leftover from your holiday revelry, don't dump it in the neighbor's backyard when nobody's looking – the city of Orlando wants it. Bring your used cooking oil to the City Hall Rotunda tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 27) between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., and the city will recycle it. You can park in the City Commons garage, and your parking will be validated. Here's what they'll take: Grease leftover from cooking of animal fats (i.e. bacon grease) Vegetable Oil Corn oil Olive oil Peanut oil Sesame oil Soybean oil Sunflower oil Canola oil (Rapeseed oil) Lard Cooking oil should free of water, soap suds and food scraps, and should be transported in a clean, non-breakable, leak-proof container with a tight lid. Apparently, you can now recycle cooking oil in Orlando all year round, and the city has even set up a webpage with more info on how to do it. You can find it at: