Video Interview: 7 Questions with Ron Schneider



In the current issue of Orlando Weekly, you can read in Live Active Cultures about the lessons I learned reading From Dreamer to Deamfinder: A Life and Lessons Learned in 40 Years Behind a Name Tag.

Yesterday, I sat down for an interview with the author, Ron Schneider, best know to Disney fans as the original Dreamfinder actor at EPCOT Center's Journey Into Imagination pavilion.

The pages of Ron's new book are packed with insights from his decades as a performer, writer, and director in and out of the theme parks, but it's even better hearing the stories from his own mouth.

In the following conversation, filmed in the lobby of the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, Ron delves into some topics not covered in his tome, including his take on the Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland and rumors of Dreamfinder's possible return.

(And no, Schneider is not Santa Claus -- the Christmas tree in the background is just a coincidence...)

[youtube v-_5Bb0JrUU]