Los Angeles-based Silversun Pickups play Hard Rock Live



photo by Autumn DeWilde
  • photo by Autumn DeWilde

Monday, Dec. 3 – Silversun Pickups

8 p.m.

Hard Rock Live

6050 Universal Blvd.




Silversun Pickups come out of the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, and the first half of their name comes from a liquor store there, a gem of strip-mall name-smash at the corner of Silverlake and Sunset boulevards. They claim the second half refers to purchases made at Silversun Liquors, but here’s the thing – I used to live within a mile of that intersection, and that store was notable for only one reason: the consistent presence of at least a couple of tranny hookers lingering out front. It was enough of a given that a “Silversun pickup” was local slang denoting a walk on the wild side, Lou Reed-style. Whatever. Let them preserve their little fiction; obviously they’re not down with prostitution in general, as evidenced by their firm request to the Romney campaign to stop using their song “Panic Switch” at election rallies. (Though, really, can you think of a better title?) On their third studio release, Neck of the Woods, producer Jacknife Lee has blown the fuzz and smog off their California sounds, leaving behind a sinewy, polished pop ready to conquer arenas. – Jessica Bryce Young