Orlandooom presents Across Tundras and others at The Peacock Room



photo by John Mourlas
  • photo by John Mourlas

Thursday, Dec. 6 – Across Tundras

with Hellbender, Junior Bruce, Bog Prophet

9 p.m.

The Peacock Room

1321 N. Mills Ave.



In recent history, local concert organizing crew Orlandooom was the forerunner to showcase heavy music without the pervasive cheese and mookery that surrounds it. Then, they got out of the game at the beginning of the year, passing the booking baton to alumnus Ryan Pemberton under the name 90 Proof Productions. He’s maintained the prestige and will continue to do so through early next year, but he’s relocating to Atlanta. However, by some fortunate, coincidental timing, Orlandooom has risen from the grave to resume the haymaking reins. And they’re back with a beast of a show headlined by Across Tundras, the Neurot Recordings band whose incredible signature sound is an atmospheric merge of post-metal heaviness and gothic Americana. Also featured on the bill are the big, thick stoner-psych rock of Tennessee’s Hellbender, the completely evil Junior Bruce and the debut of Orlando sludge band Bog Prophet. Hail Satan, indeed. – Bao Le-Huu