Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls open season with triple-header



photo by Phantom Photographics
  • photo by Phantom Photographics

Sunday, Dec. 9 – Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls Season Opener

4:30 p.m.

Semoran Skateway

2670 Cassel Creek Blvd.





The appeal of roller derby for onlookers is sort of similar to that insane, vicarious excitement many experience through watching ultimate fighting, only these tough ladies are on skates, and they’re going really-really fast. The three roller derby teams that call Orlando home – Sunnyland Slammers, Arkham Assailants and Serial Thrillers – will be opening their season with a triple-header against each other, and you can bet these dedicated derby girls were not just sitting pretty through the off-season. It can look like utter chaos, but roller derby actually follows a hefty, 65-page rule book, which was updated this season to allow the players to skate in any direction to retrieve their helmet covers. Previously, they had to skate off to the side, so we’d wager there’ll be more than a few added bumps between skaters up ahead to enthusiastically groan to. – Ashley Belanger