Eugene Snowden's Kwanzaa Kickoff Party tonight at Will's Pub



Wednesday, Dec. 26 – Eugene Snowden's Kwanzaa Kickoff Party

9 p.m.

Will's Pub

1042 N. Mills Ave.



This is the part where it stops being all red and green and starts being black all over, as famed spastic crooner Eugene Snowden – who, we should note, remains one of the most charismatic and defining performers in the last two decades of Orlando-dom – breaks out of the soul-revue suit and goes all global and warm. Snowden’s impressive CV is hardly a secret, but unless you’ve seen him in traditional garb saluting Afrobeat music via one of his worldly vehicles (like, say, Umoja, which also happens to be the word that represents “unity” in one of Kwanzaa’s seven days), you don’t know the whole man. The fact that this particular holiday (like all particular holidays) involves celebratory libations only makes it more appropriate that Snowden should be toasting its launch; the fact that you’ll be hung over is nobody’s fault but your own. Unity! – Billy Manes