Pop-punk five-piece SheHeHe tonight at Will's Pub




Monday, Jan. 7 – SheHeHe

with Yogurt Smoothness

9 p.m.

Will's Pub

1042 N. Mills Ave.



We always raise an eyebrow, intrigued, when a pop-punk band visits from Athens, Ga., and SheHeHe are solid proof that the perpetually rich punk community there is alive and well. The band is a five-piece, including rhythm guitar, and relies on gang vocals over seriously sick guitars to deliver frenetic yet structured Buzzcocks-esque rock. For a band that claims to love punk and beer in equal parts, we think they’ll fit in famously with the merry drunks at Will’s. It’ll be a good night for a taste of Athens culture at the pub that, for once, doesn’t come out of a Terrapin keg. What’s more, SheHeHe are playing with Yogurt Smoothness, who seems to just be getting better and better every time we see them. The local two-piece have become distractingly good at their brand of neo-grunge, seemingly while no one was looking. Plus, don’t forget, it’s Low Dough Monday. – Ashley Belanger