I want my Baby back




Welp, last night's loss to the Denver Nuggets made it 10 games in a row that the Orlando Magic have lost, which is coincidentally (?) also how long Glen "Big Baby" Davis has been out with a shoulder injury. Of those 10 losses, there has only been one major blowout (against Toronto, of all teams), but for the most part, these games have been closely fought right up to the last minute. The good news for fans is that Baby started working out again and shooting last week, but there hasn't been any official announcement of when he's coming back. For a lot of Magic fans, Baby's return is the only foreseeable way out of the slump, but for anyone who caught the post-game press conference with the normally cool-as-a-cucumber Jacque Vaughn, the loss last night had nothing at all to do with being with or without Baby - it was the refs that lost it for the Magic.

Vaughn got the most incendiary I've ever seen someone speaking in a monotone get as he called out the radical difference between how many personal fouls were called against the Magic compared to the Nugz (who, regardless, still have my favorite jersey out of all this season's redesigns). But, that's the way it goes in the NBA, some nights the refs run cold, and with any luck, Baby will be back on the bench in a uniform soon.

If you're super-sad about how things have been going this season, you can at least take solace that things over in Laker-land are still less than idyllic for Dwight Howard, who seems to have finally given the west coast superteam a reason to let go of Pau Gasol after all these years: