Update: front-yard vegetable garden, the saga continues



Photo by Todd Anderson for the New York Times
  • Photo by Todd Anderson for the New York Times

You may recall that we recently wrote about Jason and Jennifer Helvenstons and their flourishing front-yard garden a few weeks back.  (See our blog post, "Ban on front-yard vegetable gardens: 'like punching a baby'"). Briefly, it seemed, the couple

It seems the garden is attracting more attention than innocent neighbors on their casual afternoon stroll in recent days. The Orlando Sentinel covered the story last week, hopefully giving this unique Orlando garden a chance to thrive without limitations. If you haven’t read the latest efforts of the Helvenstons' and their every attempt to combat Orlando's outdated regulations then click here.

Jason and Jennifer plan on bringing the heat when they go in front of Municipal Planning Board on Tuesday (tomorrow) – with every intention of packing the house.