Art at the Casa Parlor Series lecture features Peter Schreyer



Roadside Fruit Stand, Lake Helen, Florida – 1983
  • Roadside Fruit Stand, Lake Helen, Florida – 1983

Wednesday, Jan. 23 – Peter Schreyer: Three Decades of Documenting Florida

5:30 p.m.

Casa Feliz

656 N. Park Ave., Winter Park


free (but limited to 50 guests, so call to reserve a seat)

Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt. That’s why it’s those who come from outside a community who often appreciate it the most. Take, for instance, photographer Peter Schreyer. He was born and educated in Switzerland, and he came to the U.S. in 1978 and has been documenting American landscapes, vignettes and lives ever since. Among some of his best work (in our biased opinion) are his portraits and landscapes that capture Central Florida – take, for instance, Trailer City, his body of work documenting a trailer park in Winter Garden. Whereas some would document such a subject ironically or with disdain, or perhaps at a cold and objective distance, Schreyer’s photos are warm, human and sentimental – a tribute to the Florida that’s being bulldozed by progress. Schreyer, who is also the executive director of Crealdé School of Art and founder of the Hannibal Square Heritage Center, discusses his work and its Central Florida subject matter: He’ll talk about the value of authentic communities and share his appreciation for the region’s unique landscapes and cultural landmarks. If you’re one of those who fall more deeply in love with the area every day, rather than find it increasingly dreadful, Schreyer’s perspective is one you’ll appreciate. – Erin Sullivan