Good evening, Gov'na




Earnest Deland folk dudes Roadkill Ghost Choir may have only just released their first EP last year, Quiet Light EP, but they are kind of killing it both on the local and the national level. The year has barely even started humming, and the soulful crooners are already booked to play the Governors Ball this summer in New York, with a number of big names on the same bill, including Grizzly Bear, Kendrick Lamar, Feist, Avett Brothers, and seriously just a ton of other bands that makes me almost desperately resent the flicker of hope that Orlando Calling gave this town that we might one day have a similarly huge-talent-drawing festival in this town.

But, I digress. It's always nice when a local band who turns your head when you're crouched on a stool in your favorite watering hole makes that leap into a bigger pond, but what would be even nicer would be if RGC would hurry up and release a full-length already. No pressure, though, guys, you just keep doing your thing. It seems to be working.