Gainesville's Hundred Waters tonight at the Social



photo by Jennifer Jones
  • photo by Jennifer Jones

Thursday, Jan. 24 – Hundred Waters

with Freelance Whales, Il Abinico

7 p.m.

The Social

54 N. Orange Ave.



Listening to Hundred Waters is like being lovingly plucked from your ordinary life by the nape of your neck and dropped into a pastel meadow full of kittens, and now you’re a kitten, and you don’t understand what anyone around you is saying, but you do know that it’s beautiful what they’re saying, and you never want to leave. Yes, it’s just like that. The first time we heard Nicole Miglis, who might be Gainesville’s most precious commodity, we knew her music couldn’t possibly stay contained inside her small frame. Since releasing their debut, Hundred Waters was quickly picked up by OWSLA, the label most of us know as Skrillex’s, but the Gainesville band doesn’t necessarily have any connection to dubstep. Instead, the electronic instrumentation that Miglis so deftly sings over somehow reads organic, like the band is exclusively sampling naturally occurring sounds. – Ashley Belanger