Program your DVRs to see some locals on Jimmy Fallon!




It's looking like we're going to need to look into the legal processes involved in adoption, because Matt Pond has put together a hell of an Orlando backing band (formed from current and past members of the Pauses, Saskatchewan and Great Deceivers), and we're pretty much at the point where we're ready to claim him as one of our own. He's taking all those Orlando folks on the road for his tour, too, which runs from Feb. 1 until Mar. 16, and includes an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Feb. 7. So, remember to set your DVR. I can't wait to find out who the night's guest star will be! Plus, they get to hob-nob with the fuckin' Roots!

The only downside in all of this is that it looks murky whether Orange You Glad Music Festival organizer Tierney Tough, who is playing keys and lending her formidably sweet vocals to Matt Pond's sound, will have any time in her already way-busy life to put together an iteration of the festival for this year. But, I'm not ready to rule it out yet, because as someone who has come to know Tough over the years, I can say, that girl perseveres, and lucky for us, she still loves this town.