"Lucy" paleoanthropologist Dr. Donald Johanson presents lecture at Rollins College




Wednesday, Jan. 30 – The Origins of Humankind: The View From Africa

7 p.m.

Tiedtke Concert Hall, Rollins College

1000 Holt Ave., Winter Park




The eternally human question, “Where did we come from?” can lead to much speculation and eye-widening debate, but for evolved minds who are eager to unearth the human origin story from fossils, Dr. Donald Johanson is pretty much a god among them. And he’s in town this week, discussing details of his most famous scientific discovery, the most complete ancestral skeleton ever found, of the hominid who we’ve all come to know as Lucy. The accomplished paleoanthropologist dedicated his life to digging up the evidence that would fill out holes in the timeline of our existence, dating back 4 million years, and his work has turned a lot of heads, especially the Emmy-nominated PBS series In Search of Human Origins that he hosts and narrates. So, if you’ve still got questions, this is your chance to ask perhaps the most informed person in the history of humanity. – Ashley Belanger