The Hammered Lamb opens in Ivanhoe Village on Friday!



So, last night was the soft opening of Ivanhoe Row's latest drinkery (and soon to be light-eatery) The Hammered Lamb, (1235 N. Orange Ave.) and we're just one-cracked-eye-opened enough to remember it. Things you should know, according to owner Jason Lambert: No, it's not a gay bar (though it certainly resembles former inhabitant the Lava Lounge more than it does the recently departed Ethos); Lambert's "feeling" his '90s at this stage, so the background music is a bit grunge-y; in about a month's time, the bar will be offering ten menu items (light fare of the flatbread variety); it's a full liquor bar; there are a bunch of televisions, so you can watch "sports or soaps"; purple-haired Mendi Cowles will be curating art shows monthly; and, oh my god, you can get your hair done right upstairs at Copperhead Salon (the two businesses are working out some beauty-drunk discounts, even). If last night's turnout is anything to go on, you can expect some ecstatic crossover from the hip-and-growing Ivanhoe set, because this is a neighborhood bar that just happens to be in an awesome neighborhood on a scenic lake. Things kick off with the real opening on Friday, Feb. 1 at 4 p.m. Go get hammered! We sure did.