Burrow Press presents Love Poems With Susan Lilley workshop




Saturday, Feb. 2 – Love Poems With Susan Lilley

10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Urban ReThink

625 E. Central Blvd.


$90, includes parking, coffee/snacks, a journal and a Burrow Press book

Note to self: When it comes to writing love poetry, there’s a fine line between heartfelt and cheesy – never mind an enormous leap toward borderline stalker. Do yourself a favor and let poet Susan Lilley help re-work your darling sonnets in this Burrow Press Writes creative writing workshop, so that your lines might be of the, shall we say, more romantically sound variety. Trust us, Lilley is a pro at this poetry thing – she’s a Rita Dove Poetry Award winner, an accomplished author and a writing professor at Rollins College. She’s also the first in a lineup of local writers to lead workshops in Burrow Press’ spring series: “Crafting Short Stories,” “Writing About Sports” and other writing workshops are scheduled within the next few months. And being as there’s a big difference between love and lust, after this daylong romantic connection, we suggest you stroll over to the Falcon after the workshop to gain a bit of erotic inspiration from the bar’s Porn: The Art Show party. – Aimee Vitek