BLURT Presents Pre-INC Orlando at Uncle Lou's



Hell Garbage
  • Hell Garbage

Hell Garbage

Monday, Feb. 4 – BLURT Presents Pre-INC Orlando

with Gem of Skin, Pvre Matrix, the Nows, Pony Payroll Bones, Whitey Alabastard, Hell Garbage and others

9 p.m.

Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall

1016 N. Mills Ave.



It turns out that noise bands are different than folkies in one more way than you might have imagined: They’re way more disciplined. Whereas your average acoustic-guitar-bothering types can molest “Landslide” or “Moondance” for literal hours before anyone thinks to kick their dumb stools out from under them, at Miami’s annual International Noise Conference, more than 100 bands play in just four nights. As the hundreds of noise players make their way south, many will pass through Orlando – so, clever folk that they are, local loud-lovers BLURT-CFC take advantage by giving them a home for the night, under INC rules: 15-minute sets, do your worst and GTFO the stage. Founding BLURTer Dan Reaves says, “We’ve got acts from Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Tampa and Polk City

[and] I’ve tacked on a couple local guys.” (Understatement.) One of those local guys is fellow BLURT booker Bradly Woodham, who performs as percussive experimentalist Gem of Skin. This show will be brain-meltingly weird, pants-poopingly loud and frugal as fuck: Pvre Matrix and Danny Moore (both from New York), the Nows and Pony Payroll Bones (both from Atlanta), Whitey Alabastard, Hell Garbage and at least another dozen bands for the low price of FREE plus Uncle Lou’s cheap-ass beer. Can’t go wrong, unless you forget earplugs. – Jessica Bryce Young