Nerdy Show expands their empire




When the Nerdy Show announced they were airing a special podcast, "State of the Empire," to on-goingly discuss The Joss Whedon Decision and expansion of the Star Wars franchise, I was pretty tickled by their chosen tagline for the podcast, "Looking for love in Alderaan places." These guys are clever, passionate, knowledgeable, invested - basically, all those perfect qualities you want self-proclaimed nerds to exhibit. But in addition to curating really great weekly episodes and specially-focused podcasts, both of which lead to entertaining pop culture discussions, they also have equally sharp sensibilities when it comes to music. You only have to look to one of the show's founders, Cap Blackard, who is Art Director and frequent writer at one of the Web's foremost sources for music information, Consequence of Sound, to get a glimpse of where the skillful song selection comes from that the show is equally known for. (Blackard, by the way, is a Bowie-loving, glamorous pop guru who you'd be lucky to encounter on a dance floor.) This is not to discount the solid knowledge base of the rest of the team, especially John "hex" Carter, their music director, who founded the cherished local festival Nerdapalooza (check out photos from last year!), and is an obvious source of all things up-and-coming and nerdy in music. This radio force is indomitable, and they've proven it by ramping up their efforts and turning the show into a streaming radio station that you can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nerdy.FM was unveiled around midnight last night, and like any streaming radio station, you can access it at any time, from anywhere. Just click on your preferred media player in the upper left of the page, and you'll be officially tuned into the broadcast, delivering your 8-bit music fix 24/7.