Long Island Medium's Theresa Caputo gives interactive readings at UCF Arena




Friday, Feb. 8 – Theresa Caputo

7 p.m.

UCF Arena

Building 50, North Gemini Boulevard




Maybe it’s the platinum blond hair, or the long, glitzy fingernails, or maybe it’s her boisterous New York accent. Whatever it is that draws in viewers to Theresa Caputo, the star of TLC’s Long Island Medium, they’re watching by the millions. She’s a psychic medium who “talks to the dead” and holds paranormal readings on a reality TV show – the legitimacy of Caputo’s “cold readings,” needless to say, carries its fair share of cynics. And trust us, we get it – what with the ambiguity that stems from a TV show’s editing process and contrived notions behind other TV psychics like Crossing Over’s John Edward and infomercial queen Miss Cleo. But with the recent fourth-season renewal of Long Island Medium, one of TLC’s highest-rated shows, fact is there’s a sizable group of believers out there. You could call them gullible, you could call them curious, or you could say it’s purely the entertainment factor. Bottom line: If you’re the least bit intrigued by Caputo’s ghost-whispering ability (real or fake), we suggest experiencing this one in person. – Aimee Vitek