Get all lovey-dovey (or whatever) at Vintage, Valentines & Food Trucks




Sunday, Feb. 10 – Vintage, Valentines and Food Trucks

1-6 p.m.

Dear Prudence Shop

2912 Corrine Drive



Listen, flowers are a timeless option for Valentine’s Day gifts, but if you’re picking them from a gas station, Publix, the side of the road or some other bogus locale that is not a florist, nursery or meadow, you’re doing it wrong. Really, your gift should be as much about your recipient as possible, and that’s why Audubon Park’s Vintage, Valentines and Food Trucks is so nice, because they collect high-quality, gush-worthy gift ideas in one spot. Just pretend the parking lot is a field of wildflowers and see what you sniff out, then pluck it away from the vendor designated to that plot. With vintage accessories provided by Retromended and Other People’s Property, you’ll be covered on unique jewelry or clothing items for your heartthrob. Additionally, Park Ave CDs is selling vinyl that could just end up leading you, if you’re Taylor Swift or something, to a new “our song.” – Ashley Belanger