Huge victory for Earned Sick Time: Orange County required to put initiative on the ballot! (Judgement included)

In what shouldn't be a surprise to anyone with a brain and a heart, today the Circuit Court of the Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange County) ruled against the county's attempts to keep the earned sick time measure off the November ballot, in turn ordering Mayor Teresa Jacobs and her confederacy of dunces to place the measure as it was worded originally on the next available ballot (August 2014). We've attached the ruling below for your perusal, because it really should be read in the tone it deserves: down the glasses, down the nose, into the deep eyes of vapidity that have taken over your county government. There are still a lot of loose ends with this issue, specifically the FDLE investigation into county malfeasance and the suit for public records, but, at least for now, the county is eating crow. "Today our great American tradition of direct democracy was affirmed by the court. These commissioners broke the law by refusing to put Earned Sick Time on the ballot. This order requires them to come correct and do the right thing by Orange County voters whether they want to or not," says Organize Now executive director Stephanie Porta. Here's the ruling:  

Writ of Mandamus by