90 Proof Productions says farewell with Fuck the Facts and others at Backbooth



Maruta (photo by Janette Valentine)
  • Maruta (photo by Janette Valentine)

Maruta (photo by Janette Valentine)

Tuesday, Feb. 19 – 90 Proof Productions Farewell Show

with Fuck the Facts, Maruta, Shitstorm, Rapturous Grief, Abuse

9 p.m.


37 W. Pine St.




Good concert organizers aren’t just a gift; they’re the very lifeblood of every music scene worth anything. Taking over the dark throne of Orlandooom, 90 Proof Productions has almost single-handedly set the pace and taste level for the city’s heavy music scene for the past year or so. Unfortunately for us, 90PP don Ryan Pemberton is exiting the game, but not without a good parting crack to the jaw. For his swan song, he’s summoned a loaded, grindcore-heavy murderer’s row of bands including Canadian Relapse Records act Fuck the Facts, Miami savages Maruta and Shitstorm, Atlanta power-violence group Rapturous Grief and Orlando neck-breakers Abuse. It’s as blinding and fierce a hit-and-run as you’re likely to see on concert calendars all year, and it’s the last opportunity to properly salute one of the scene’s most respectable makers (and witness a very personal surprise he has planned during Abuse’s set that fans of His Hero Is Gone will not want to miss). – Bao Le-Huu