GORELANDO: Album Review: Wednesday 13's 'The Dixie Dead'




Back to his classic mosh-stomp sound, horror-metal's brat-prince Wednesday 13 returns with The Dixie Dead. This blood-soaked icon has swayed from mastermind to "back-burner caricature" over the years (kind-of a Marilyn Manson light), but the diehards stay true and he keeps dishing out the cheeseball fanfare.

As with many horror-metal acts, Wednesday 13 is an acquired taste. The Dixie Dead delivers enough headbang bravado to keep your feet moving, but not really enough variety from track-to-track to provide guaranteed staying power. As always, the star of the show is Wednesday's quirky "zero fucks given" songwriting and signature snotty-rock-god wail. Don't walk into this one looking to be moved or swept away

but with a Wednesday 13 album, why the hell would you?