Howard Johnson hotel only has love for Mumford and $on$




Any bride can attest to the nerve-wracking stress-fest of wedding planning: finding your little location, filling out your little registry, choosing your little cake, booking your little hotel block. But for one Michigan bride who intended to host a destination wedding in St. Augustine, there was one little wrench in her wedding fantasy: Mumford and Sons.

As many of Florida's pop music-loving population already knows, Mumford and Sons are coming to St. Augustine as part of the Gentlemen of the Road tour. Seeing as this is the first time Mumfords have stopped this far south and that this festival will likely draw in a lot of out-of-state tourists as well, anyone hoping to attend would be smart to have procured their tickets by now and, oh, I dunno, had the foresight to book a hotel nearby. That's where the aforementioned bride's misery comes into play: the Howard Johnson she originally booked, confirmed and reserved for her special day decided to cut loose the bride to make some of that sweet, sweet tourist money by jacking up the room price (according to the bride) and maximizing on this ample business opportunity. She says she's pursuing legal action, but it seems it will be a while before she can experience "that tethered mind free from the lies." Shame on you, HoJo.