Atlanta's Ponderosa offer up dream pop at Will's Pub




Thursday, Feb. 21 – Ponderosa

with Chris Staples, Mrenc, Kyle Cox

9 p.m.

Will's Pub

1042 N. Mills Ave.


For a band that began their career entrenched in Southern roots rock, it’s not exactly a peas-and-carrots moment when their second album comes out looking like bedazzled dream pop. So, we applauded Atlanta’s Ponderosa for doing just that with their release last year, Pool Party, because it surprised us by pulling their Americana sound in an unexpected direction without losing it entirely. Their tinkering resulted in music that, at its best moments, sends the listener traveling down an avenue that someone like Jeremy Enigk would take if he was going on a road trip with My Morning Jacket: Emotional but danceable, heavy but effervescent. The best part is that Ponderosa translate extremely well live. And this time around, that journey they’ve embarked on leads to Orlando, and in the passenger seat is Chris Staples, the subdued, languid songwriter who has had stints with acts like Telekinesis and J. Tillman. – Ashley Belanger