Tours de force: the Woolly Bushmen, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Hundred Waters




I couldn't help but notice a couple local and regional bands joining up on some big tours this year, so wanted to offer up my congrats to Roadkill Ghost Choir, who's on the road with Band of Horses, as well as the Woolly Bushmen who will spend some quality time with Southern Culture on the Skids, and, unsurprisingly, the ascension of Hundred Waters continues forcefully with their latest announcement that they'll be touring with the xx, who have been selling out every city they visit. I hope this results in furthering Florida's reputation in other city's for churning out exceptionally worthwhile music that's original, soulful, smart and just downright enjoyable.

Anybody else going on the road this year? I have been experiencing an excruciating level of wanderlust myself lately. Rub it in and tell me where you're headed.