Miami's sludge metal band Holly Hunt tonight at the Peacock Room




Thursday, March 7 – Holly Hunt

with Hussy, Demons

9 p.m.

The Peacock Room

1321 N. Mills Ave.



Holly Hunt, the experimental sludge metal band loudly hailing from Miami, made Orlando the first stop on their East Coast tour, gracing us with our first chance to hear them play their highly anticipated, total shredder of a debut album, Year One. Not only are these guys thankfully hot on the radar of our local metal community, but they also attracted some major heavyweights to help them contain their massive sound on the album: experienced doom overlord Torche’s Jonathan Nunez recorded it, and Miami hardcore brethren Capsule’s Ryan Haft mixed it. This is crunchy, freaky instrumental work that washes over the crowd, easy to escape or propel into, whatever floats your boat. And if you haven’t gotten around to seeing the venerable Hussy yet, you’re missing out on the next logical progression for former Basements of Florida innovator Phil Longo. If you love distortion, there should be nothing keeping you from these indulgently callous sounds. ­– Ashley Belanger