Pitchfork darlings Pinback tonight at the Social



photo by Chris Woo
  • photo by Chris Woo

photo by Chris Woo

Tuesday, March 12 – Pinback

with JP Inc.

8 p.m.

The Social

54 N. Orange Ave.




If you visit the Social’s website listing for this show, the first two comments tell you almost everything you need to know about Pitchfork darlings Pinback. The first is “best band ever.” The second tags a friend and asks: “know anything about these guys?” Pinback isn’t a big-splash kind of indie band, but fans of this cult-popular act, whose sound lies somewhere between the Eels and Ugly Casanova (am I dating myself?), are devout and have long awaited the band’s 2012 release, Information Retrieved – their first in five years. Though reviews on the new record are lukewarm, does that ever really dampen the enthusiasm of a devoted fan base? It shouldn’t. If you love the band, just rejoice that they’re playing the Social tonight and enjoy the show. – Erin Sullivan